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Conference Objectives

The conference aims to:

  • Provide opportunities to participants to understand the cross-cutting nature of ECD enabling them to recognise each sector’s responsibility to promote holistic ECD in the country
  • Share the status of ECD in Pakistan and opportunities under the leadership of the new government
  • Share research-based knowledge on noteworthy ECD programme practices, innovative approaches, models and best practices which can be presented to scale up in the whole country
  • Advocate for implementing the Nurturing Care Framework in collaboration with communities, parents and civil society organisations
  • Advocate for holistic, inclusive and multi-sector ECD from conception to 8 years.

Conference Outcomes

  • A common understanding of the complete and important phase of ECD which is conception to 8 years
  • Commitment to develop a multi-sector ECD policy, legislation and curriculum from conception to 8
  • Steps to expedite the promotion of holistic, inclusive and multi-sector ECD services in Pakistan
  • Partnerships created between the government and civil society organisations to empower communities and parents
  • A coordination mechanism for public-private sector partnerships