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Theme 1: Policy Framework and Initiatives (potential multi-sector collaboration for ECD):

  • A Life-course Perspective to ECD: The Nurturing Care Framework(good health, adequate nutrition, responsive caregiving, security & safety, opportunities for early learning)
  • The Right of Every Family and Child to ECD Services
  • Physical and Mental Health of Caregivers
  • Mother & Child Health
  • Sustainable and Cost Effective ECD Programme
  • Resource Mobilisation and Allocation for ECD
  • Quality Assurance and Assessment Practices in ECD
  • Accreditation of ECD Programmes
  • Training of ECD Professionals & Human Resources
  • Public-Private Partnerships for Promoting ECD
  • Child Rights & Protection
  • Role of Private Sector in ECD
  • Mass Awareness ECD Programmes
  • Advocacy for Promoting Holistic ECD

Theme 2: Transitioning from Home to ECD Center, Pre-school and to Formal School

  • Nourishing Hearts: Responsive Care and Parenting
  • Parental Education for ECD
  • First 1000days of life
  • Role of Fathers in ECD
  • Community-based Models and Practices in ECD
  • Home-based ECD Programmes
  • School-readiness Programmes

Theme 3: What works in ECD

(What we know works well: noteworthy practices in ECD):

  • The Role of Play in ECD
  • The Role of Language and Communication Skills Development
  • The Role of Positive Emotions in ECD
  • Inclusive ECD Practices
  • Use of Technology in the early years and its effects (positive & negative)
  • Learning styles and multiple intelligence