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A high-end platform for marketing and sales to direct clients
Gathering of national and international Early Childhood Development practitioners and market leaders
One to One Business matching opportunities/Facilities
Complete range of early childhood resources and educational material under one-roof


Business Matching
B2B and B2C Meetings
Interactive workshops on Ed-Technologies
Free promotion and marketing


All manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, school franchise networks and systems, incubation centers, ed-tech agencies, civil society organisations, NPOs/NGOs, training institutes and accreditation authorities working in the field of Early Childhood Development can register to exhibit their products and ideas at the expo.


Teaching Materials & Kids Toys

Teaching tools and toys including all kinds of building blocks, intelligence assembly toys, wooden toys, educational toys, Montessori Educational Tools etc.

Kindergarten Facilities

Pre-school equipment containing playground facilities, kindergarten furniture, kindergarten bedding, kindergarten desks and chairs, school bus etc.

Kindergarten Design & Construction

Design and decoration of kindergartens comprising of environment-friendly floor, floor mat, environment-friendly lawn, decoration engineering, air purification equipment etc.

Pre-school Education Products

Preschool supplies consisting of kindergarten uniforms, school bags, bedclothes, art supplies, new electronic white (black) boards etc.

Curriculum Materials & Special Courses

Teaching materials and featured courses including ¬†curriculum, picture books, children’s publications, physical intelligence games, science experiment courses, musical instruments for children (such as Orff, drum), art and crafts materials etc.

Kindergarten & Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT tools and software for the kindergartens consisting of management software, home-kindergarten interaction software, transportation system, and morning check equipment etc.

Early Childhood Development & Counselling Services

Training and counselling services to assess, diagnose and meet developmental, educational, psychological and emotional needs of children, parents and ECE personnel. Also collaborating with other institutions and taking measures to improve the competencies of individuals and effectiveness of learning process.

Brand Licensing & Service

Brand franchise licensing for franchise kindergartens, franchise early childhood development enter, franchise training institutions etc.